A Year’s Worth of Thank-You’s.

As an entrepreneur, we tend to spend much of our time focused on growing our businesses, building new connections, and looking for the next opportunity, and it can be difficult to find time to reflect. We’ve had an amazing year here at ImTheirWebGuy, and I wanted to take a little time in reflection to thank some of the people who helped make that possible.

Michael Novilla of NOVA 535 has to be at the top of that list; as both a client and a strategic partner, you’ve been an invaluable resource and a trusted advisor whose guidance has opened quite a few doors. Your willingness to send food and beer to the dev team for our long code runs also made you very popular. I am exceedingly grateful for your friendship, your mentoring, and your generosity.

Not unrelated, every single member of the Entrepreneur Social Club at NOVA has been part of our growth this year, and I am proud to know all of you. There are literally too many things and too many people there for me to list them all, but if we’ve spent a late evening on the balcony debating the finer points, know that I’m thinking of you in this list.

Is it weird to thank a website? Because I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Reddit.com. Between the connections I’ve made, the business I’ve earned, and getting to be part of projects like InnovationScan, Alexis Ohanian‘s garage project has been a substantial influence on our business in the last year.

I owe a gigantic thank you to Topher Morrison and the entire Key Person of Influence organization. When I first heard Kevin Harrington talk about the stages of entrepreneurialism, and their five step road map for building a profitable product model based on a personal brand, it both vindicated what I’d been working for, and highlighted the parts I was still missing. I’m excited to be part of the KPI Brand Accelerator event on January 31st, and appreciate the opportunity to share what I’ve learned along the way.

To the creative agencies who have made ImTheirWebGuy.com the back end of their development life cycle, I am eternally grateful. You make it possible for us to focus on what we love (code) instead of on marketing and sales, and help prove that relationships = revenue. Ginger Reichl and Lyndsey Shaw at Pinstripe Marketing, Ben Guest at Cyberlicious Marketing, Lauren, Daniel, and Maher at Symphoni Group, Kevin Hohl and Sean Carey at HD Interactive, and Kyle Vena, you are the colleagues in my virtual office, and I couldn’t have picked better coworkers.

I’d be hugely remiss if I didn’t shout out how influential the Google+ crew has been in our growth this year. Derek Ross, Eli Fennell, Michael Interbartolo, Thomas Tenkely, Steven Mautone, Noble Ackerson, and countless others, it has been a pleasure to build communities and platforms alongside you. I wouldn’t know you if it weren’t for G+, and my life would be poorer for it. Which means I also have to thank Vic Gundotra and Yonatan Zunger for helping to make Plus the hotbed of innovation that it is.

Last, but farthest from least, I owe a hugely personal (and huge in general) thank you to my wife, Kym Jenkins, who has been an immeasurable help as acting managing partner, and has kept the ship steady even when going through the pains of rapid growth. Five years ago, I couldn’t have imagined what 300% year to year looked like, and certainly couldn’t have predicted the struggles that come along with that. Without your efficient internal management, this ship would likely have hit a few rocks dead on. Entrepreneurs aren’t always great at the details of day to day business management, and it’s critical to have someone on board who is, and who believes in the mission.

I know I’ve barely scratched the surface here; there have been so many gestures, so many moments, and so many exciting opportunities and experiences that one post really can’t do them all justice. To every single one of you that reads this, thank you. You make life awesome. From all of us at ImTheirWebGuy.com, have a happy and successful 2014.