Exporting the results of a custom WPDB query to a downloaded CSV

If you’ve been playing with WordPress’s $wpdb object, you know that you can build robust custom queries that stray well outside the realm of posts and pages. If you’re building some heavy duty custom functionality that requires reporting of some sort, or even just want to be able to download your user info, here’s a quick method to output to a CSV.

global $wpdb;
// Grab any post values you sent with your submit function
$DownloadReportFrom = $_POST['ReportDateFrom'];
$DownloadReportTo = $_POST['ReportDateTo'];

// Build your query						
$MyQuery = $wpdb->get_results($wpdb->prepare('SELECT MyField1,MyField2 FROM wp_MyTable
WHERE timestamp BETWEEN %s AND %s 
Group by ID',$DownloadReportFrom,$DownloadReportTo));

// Process report request
if (! $MyQuery) {
$Error = $wpdb->print_error();
die("The following error was found: $Error");
} else {
// Prepare our csv download

// Set header row values
$csv_fields[] = 'Field Name 1';
$csv_fields[] = 'Field Name 2';
$output_filename = 'MyReport_' . $DownloadReportFrom .'-'. $DownloadReportTo  . '.csv';
$output_handle = @fopen( 'php://output', 'w' );
header( 'Cache-Control: must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0' );
header( 'Content-Description: File Transfer' );
header( 'Content-type: text/csv' );
header( 'Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=' . $output_filename );
header( 'Expires: 0' );
header( 'Pragma: public' );	

// Insert header row
fputcsv( $output_handle, $csv_fields );

// Parse results to csv format
foreach ($MyQuery as $Result) {
	$leadArray = (array) $Result; // Cast the Object to an array
	// Add row to file
	fputcsv( $output_handle, $leadArray );
// Close output file stream
fclose( $output_handle ); 


Got a better method? Let me know about it in the comments!

Now updated with dynamic header field handling!

Darren Cooney added the following snippet in the comments to parse the header fields dynamically:

$first = true;
   // Parse results to csv format
   foreach ($results as $row) {
      // Add table headers
         $titles = array();
         foreach($row as $key=>$val){
            $titles[] = $key;
         fputcsv($output_handle, $titles);
         $first = false;
       $leadArray = (array) $row; // Cast the Object to an array
       // Add row to file
       fputcsv( $output_handle, $leadArray );

Modify your implementation as needed. Thanks, Darren!