Google killing off Google+ by…creating whole new products, marketing, and guides for it?


“GOOGLE+ IS THE WALKING DEAD!” they screamed. They’d never really liked the network anyways, so like Christians telling Atheists what Atheists believe, they created a scenario based on the limited facts available to them, and went with it, full of self assurance. And, all the while, I told them all they were wrong. Recent moves by Google indicate that the Plus is alive and well, and is, in fact, still in a growth phase. How can we tell? Easy:

They are still releasing new products and features for Google+, and have a full slate of development scheduled for more.

So far this year we’ve seen:

  • The Control Room App in Hangouts – this app gives you the ability to produce a Hangout live like a television show, adding camera controls, integrated third party media, and tons of other cool stuff.
  • Post Ads – Create a Google+ post about your product or service, and share it on third party websites in ad space. This allows potential customers to comment directly on the ad, interacting with you from sites across the web.
  • Stories – The single coolest way to create an interactive album of a trip or event, complete with integrated photos, videos, and map.
  • One click import to YouTube – The Google services already auto-backup photo and video content into your Google cloud space, but sharing a backed up video to YouTube had been a cumbersome process involving downloading the video file, and uploading to YouTube the normal way. No more! Now you will be able to share that content out with a single click.

And word from our inside man at Google says that there is a full two years of future development and feature releases already on the books.

They created a comprehensive guide for new users outlining all of the uses, and providing linked resources.

Check out the Google+ Partner Playbook. Seriously, go ahead and download it and give a look through. I’ll wait.

See what I mean? This is the most comprehensive “how to use our service” guide I’ve ever seen from ANY social media platform, and it was created THIS MONTH. Does that sound to you like the actions of a service being slotted for mothballs?

They’ve created a weekly newsletter for Google+.

One thing that’s inarguable is that third party media has controlled the conversation about G+, and as is predictable, mostly likes to tell click bait stories about its impending doom. The Googs is combating that by directly reaching out to users in the form of a newsletter (I know, how quaint, right?). If you’d like to have the inside track on new features, how-to’s and similar, sign up here.

While wanna-be tech bloggers everywhere have tried to grab your eyeballs with tales of doom and gloom, Google’s people have consistently said that the idea G+ is shutting down is ludicrous:


Google+ Senior Engineer Yonatan Zunger also wrote that the change of leadership was entirely predictable, that the person taking over was the most obvious pick for the job, and that he was excited about the future of Plus. With the roll out of the new features and resources, it’s clear that the insiders have a far better view of Plus’s future than the outsiders: The Plus is not only growing as fast as ever, it’s also improving along the way.