releases Two Column Admin, a plugin to easily restore the classic two column wp-admin screen.

As we wrote about a little while back, the 3.8 upgrade effectively broke some dashboard widgets by squeezing them into leetle teeny boxes (no word yet on whether said boxes were made out of ticky tacky). With some collaborative assistance, we found a functional solution to return that style layout, but it involved adding a snippet of code to your theme file’s functions.php…and as we know, kiddies, putting things into a theme file’s functions.php that are not specifically related to that theme’s presentation logic IS A BIG NO-NO.


Now, for your simple implementation pleasure, we’ve wrapped that bit of code into a mindlessly simple plugin which will do the job for you. Go to ‘Add New Plugin’, select ‘upload’, select the zip file, install, activate, and you’re done. There’s no settings because seriously, you don’t need any. Once it’s live, click ‘Screen Options’ on your main dashboard view, and pick your fave. Download link after the jump. Enjoy!

Update: The plugin is now available at the official WordPress repository: