Brandi Image Photography

BrandiImage.comBrandi Morris is hands down my favorite wedding photographer, so it was a pleasure being able to bring her work to life with She was very specific in her design requirements; strip everything away, and just make the photos the content. This site features ShootQ integration for client requests, Zenfolio integration for secure proofing, and a custom gallery post type which displays the featured image and thumbnails in archive view. Check out Brandi’s amazing work; you’ll want to get married just to have her shoot it.

Dr. Steven Steakley, DDS - St. Petersburg, FloridaDr. Stephen Steakley is a family dentist in St. Petersburg, Florida, who has restored and maintained beautiful smiles for thousands of locals. They were looking to move off Wix with a WordPress powered site which would allow the office staff to make frequent updates. It also features integrated Caesy videos, and a live feed of testimonials from their DemandForce system.

Does Google Glass signify the end of privacy and the beginning of humans becoming the Borg?

Borg_Klingon_CloseupAs any good journalist knows, when there’s a question in the title, the answer is usually “of course not”. However, if one were to believe the wave of paranoid hyperbole circulating through the media, Google Glass will end privacy as we know it, turn us into drones, or at the very least, signify that we are assholes. Perrenial tech gadfly Adrien Chen notes:

“Google’s defenders will suggest that this is the ranting of a backwards luddite. They will point to cell phones, another relatively new technology. Would you call all cell phone users assholes? No, just the ones who talk in public restrooms when there’s a long line. But in the early days of cell phones, the loudmouth on his brick of a Motorola cell phone was very much shorthand for asshole.”

To which I reply, poppycock.

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CForms to MethodCRM: Getting dirty with SOAP.

MethodCRM integrated with GMailOne of our clients recently began using MethodCRM to handle their sales/coordination process. It’s a pretty slick web based CRM tool which comes with some nifty plugins like their GMail integration (shown here). The challenge was to redirect our CForms data gathering form (which previously posted to Google Docs) to now post to MethodCRM. There were a few obstacles here:
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BCH gives us a shout out…

“Intelligent web design, coupled with some fancy, behind-the-scenes technology, can mean incredibly snappy load times like these.

In these two examples, what you don’t see is that FaceBook plugins were responsible for over half the load times – they’d be even faster if we didn’t muck about with good old FB.”

Want load times like these?

A new look for

As you probably noticed, we’ve given the site a facelift. It was long overdue, and two things in particular prompted the change:

1. We’ve moved beyond just the single web guy concept, and needed to address that.

When started, it was just little old me doing everything, and the site was personally branded heavily because of that. Thanks to all of our amazing clients, we’ve had a ton of growth, and have brought a few new people on (more from them in the future). Since there are more people involved now, I wanted to move toward a brand that recognized the team effort that makes all of our projects happen.

screenshot2. WordPress released a Beta of their new Twenty Thirteen theme.

As many of you know, I like using the default WordPress themes as a base. Many of the sites we’ve made in the last twelve months began as Twenty Twelve. With the public release of the new theme, I wanted to get a head start working with it, as I have two clients right now that may benefit from it. This version is called Thirteen Business, and takes a muted professional approach to the theme.

So, how’d we do, and what do you think of the design?

NOVA Unique Event SpaceNOVA 535 has been voted the best place to get married (and the best place to hold events, period!) because of their commitment to excellence. Part of that is a tightly integrated business system for event planning that starts with collecting the event information in advance, and feeding it into MethodCRM. This fully responsive WordPress powered web app gathers all of the pertinent data right up front, and generates the appropriate customer contact and sales opportunity within the CRM system.

CostaRicaSpinalCare.comCosta Rica Spinal Care is a spinal decompression clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica, treating all types of back pain using non-surgical methods. They needed a site which was easy to maintain in two languages, and clearly presented the benefits of treatment. With the help of qTranslate, their message is getting out in English AND in Spanish!