Three things Google+ needs to do for webmasters.

The big news in social media space this week is Facebook rolling out embedded posts for websites. It’s not a surprising feature; Facebook took the early initiative in providing tools for webmasters to use to integrate their social media presence with their websites. In fact, between authentication, Fanboxes, and Facebook commenting, the API has driven much of Facebook’s growth as a web services provider over pure social media platform. Given this, it’s surprising to see how little Google+ has done for the sites who have become early adopters of their website services. While Google Authentication and the still evolving Google+ Comments system are both good examples of enhanced integration for G+ savvy webmasters, there’s a large boat being missed by the Plus team right now that I hope will be resolved soon. Here are the three core features Plus needs to roll out to encourage mass integration on the level Facebook has:

1. Embed Google+ Events

This is so much a no-brainer that I’m really surprised the dev team there hasn’t at least dropped some hints about it. Any business with a business page should be able to create a series of events, and embed both the list of events, and individual event cards, with Yes/No/Invite functionality.

2. Google+ Photo Gallery Wrapper

The G+ photo functionality is pretty darn awesome. How much more awesome would it be if we could replicate that functionality with our internal galleries? The very excellent Gallery Share┬áplugin for WordPress mirrors the Facebook lightbox photo display, and allows deep integration with Facebook services (i.e. you can “Like” and comment directly on the image as though you’re on Facebook). I want this in G+ flavor.

3. Ripples for Websites

Ripples is one of the more interesting tools on Google+, as it visually models the spread of the content. A plugin which provides that same visual modeling, but based on the post URL as opposed to the original poster would be awesome. Currently, Google+ comments aggregates shares in a readable way, but providing the Ripples visual model of those shares (with all of the same functionality) would be an enhanced display of the social engagement on that post at a glance.

Bonus: Tag Google+ users on page.

If I could +Yonatan Zunger right here in this post, I would. Can we make that happen?